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This information is provided by the Orange Downtown Alliance (ODA) as a courtesy to our business community.  The information contained herein is only as accurate as what the property owners provide.  The ODA assumes no responsibility for accuracy.  If you have available commercial property in the town, contact us at 540.672.2540 or director@theoda.org

Available Commercial Properties

Property Address Description Square Footage Contact Name
wdt_ID Property Address Description Square Footage Contact Name
1 #515 N. Madison Lease - former restaurant 1,000 Ernie Hueter
2 #517 N. Madison Lease - retail 3,000 Ernie Hueter
3 #523 N. Madison Lease - retail 1,000 Ernie Hueter
4 #561 N. Madison Lease - retail 1,325 Ernie Hueter
5 199 N. Madison Includes 2 car garage 2,675 Jim Weaver
6 201A N. Madison 900 Jim Weaver
7 209 N. Madison 7,490 Jim Weaver
8 119B N. Madison 800 Jim Weaver
9 130 E. Main St 6,440 Adrianna C. Waddy
10 105 E. Main St 1,560 Jim Weaver

Property Points of Contact

Name Phone Website Email Address
Ernie Hueter 571-382-2073 www.klnbretail.com ehueter@klnb.com
Jim Weaver 540-672-1960 www.sedwickproperty.com jweaver@sedwicksupply.com
Adrianna C. Waddy 540-672-1100 www.jacksamuels.com adriannawaddy@yahoo.com
Cynthia Hurt 540-672-2214 www.cowanrealty.net cowanforrent@yahoo.com
John Faulconer  540-672-3233 www.jacksamuels.com johnfaulconer65@gmail.com
Cathy I. Marco 540-229-3031 www.frankhardy.com cathyimarco@gmail.com

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