Introducing Barbara’s Soul Food on Wheels

There’s a local radio station whose motto is “Different is Good.” And that’s the case with Barbara’s Soul Food on Wheels (BSF). Earl and Joan and Earls Glass Shop have been kind enough to allow Barbara and husband Tony to set up their immaculately clean trailer and serve some of the best short order food around.

Currently on the menu are catfish, crispy chicken, BLT, crab cake and BBQ sandwiches, cheeseburgers, chicken wings, potato wedges, onion rings a variety of salads and collard greens. Barbara tells me that as soon as the weather changes she’ll be serving homemade soups, smoked ribs, whole rotisserie chicken, chitterlings (chitlins to most of us) smoked turkey legs and pigs feet.

bsfThis is a small oasis for those of us who love true southern heritage cooking. It’s casual as can be with limited outdoor seating, the food is prepared to order and you won’t meet a nicer couple than Barbara and Tony.

Barbara’s caters to family reunions, weddings, and picnics. They’re open from 10a until 7p, Monday through Saturday and will start serving breakfast September 15.

So try something different while having the pleasure of meeting Barbara and Tony.

Barbara’s Soul Food on Wheels
Located on the lawn behind Earl’s Glass & Mirror and to your right as you approach the traffic light at Orange Tire.

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