Mountainview Barbeque and Catering

Not long ago, Orange had its own best local barbeque restaurant on Byrd Street – Mountainview. Then, all of a sudden they were gone. Due to a desire to expand and better accommodate its customers, the restaurant vacated that location and secured its new facility easily located on the right as you head south from town on Route 15. They are now in the very clean, much updated, and very good smelling former Pizza Hut building in front of Tractor Supply.

But what a change. Vince and crew have spent hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars overhauling the building to what is now a respectable, clean, and friendly place to get great barbeque.

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“We needed better visibility and parking for our customers,” said Vince. “We just weren’t getting the customer base we wanted and parking was always an issue.” The new location provides plenty of both. “We serve award-winning barbeque here,” Vince went on. “My brother and I, Team Pavone Brothers, is the only team in the mid-Atlantic region to win state championships in both Virginia and Maryland sanctioned competitions. “We’ve competed against thousands of chef’s in the world-wide Kansas City competition and have won over 180 of those sanctioned events. This is some of the best brisket and pulled pork you’ll get.”

Mountainview specializes in Texas style barbeque. Texas Monthly magazine describes the sauce as, “A description I hear often is that it’s like Kansas City’s tomato-based sauce, but less sweet and more spicy …. the Texas version was described as ‘smoky mesquite with the sting of hot peppers.’ Others describe Texas-style sauce as a sweetened tomato-based sauce with a good kick of vinegar.” Less vinegar, more kick.

“Our meats are served without a lot of embellishment or drowned in sauce. This allows you to flavor it with any of our three home-made sauces: Carolina (vinegary), Sweet, or Honey-mustard,” said Vince.

They smoke their own meats on location. The bacon Vince fixes is about the best I’ve everhad and his brisket is smoked to perfection. Soon he’ll be including pork belly, prime rib, salmon and seafood.

By the way, this author prides himself on his open-fire chili, but Brenda’s chili…truly awesome.

11a – 8p Tues. – Thursday
11a – 9p Fri – Saturday
Friday & Saturdays hours soon to be until midnight
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