Only Rain Down the Drain

That’s the title of a student project led by Orange County High School art teacher Ms. Jamie Yurasits. Featuring animals and fish that are either endangered or on a wildlife conservation plan the project will involve the colorful painting of at least 3 storm drains in downtown Orange.

 Ms. Yurasits was first approached with the opportunity to paint the drains by Director of Community Development, John Cooley.  She and her students then developed the concept and artistic design for each drain.

“The purpose of the project is to bring awareness to the protection of our water system by preventing chemicals and other pollutants from being washed down our storm drains which flow directly into the Chesapeake Bay watershed and have an immense impact on the animals who need it to survive .” said Yurasits. “These students, from our Art II class, are using their imagination and creativity to not only voice their support of the Chesapeake but in offering some beautification to our downtown.”

The first drain to undertake the face-lift is located outside the high school building and features the Blueback herring whose populations have drastically declined throughout much of their range.

Students pictured l to r: Celena Reyes Rodriguez, Annie Lynn Opal Wolfenbarger, Jamie Yurasits (teacher), Jessica Lamoy, Lynsey Gentry, Dylan Allen, Keonna Smith and Makenzi Nelms (front center).

For more information on this environmental project contact Ms. Yurasits.

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