Sedwick Park Playground – July Update

A little over a month ago we featured an article on the playground restoration project being headed by Julie Sherman. Below is a brief update from Julie. Help is still needed, so please lend your support to the community project.

Last week was filled with excitement for us!

  • Rob and Christine Bodendorf generously came up to the playground and added a new gate on the Main Street side and joyfully put up the new adaptive swing and extra adult swing which was made possible by Mike and Nancy Miller of Miller Law Firm, LLC and Lavinia Phillips (who gave the original handicapped swing.) Rob and Christine will also be adding new boards to spruce up the old benches.
  • A beautiful load of double shredded engineered hardwood mulch was blown in by Envirogrow /Mulch solutions and this topped off the mulch to its highest level in years. We need to raise $1,400 to pay for this latest installment of mulch. We will hopefully top off the mulch every year with this company.
  • And last but not least, Forrest Melton added a new book share box (connected to Little Free for his Eagle Scout project.

We have raised $2,000 so far and still need to raise $16,700.00 to pay for our new tot area for ages 2-5.

We are very excited about all of the latest improvements and additions!! Please visit the park and run around in your bare feet, check out a book and take a ride on the new swing!!

If you are interested in helping us by volunteering or donating funds please contact:

Julie Sherman – Playground Founder

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