The Tradition of Great Mexican Food Lives in Orange!

El Vaquero West
215 North Madison Rd.
Orange, VA 22960
Manuel Plasencia, owner

“El Vaquero West completes a needed suite of dining here in Orange, being open seven days a week, with consistent delivery of good food and good service. We Innkeepers are confident in referring our guests to this local restaurant.” Elizabeth Goeke, President, Inns at Montpelier

This is where it all started. Back in 2004, the Plasencia family opened their first restaurant here in Orange and began the hard work of becoming the best Mexican restaurant in Orange County. Since then, the success of our location has spurred the establishment of four other restaurants with a fifth being planned.

“The Town appreciates El Vaquero and all businesses in the Town for their contributions and impact they have on the community. The contributions of these business and restaurants make the Town a better place to live.” Greg Woods, Town Manager

Manuel, third to right, with some of the guys that make EVW the great place it is.

“We’ve been here for fourteen years and my family and our staff has worked very hard. I’ve worked hard for everything I get but I give back to Orange as much as possible. I help people when I can,” Manuel was saying as we finished our lunch. That sense of generosity is evident. Manuel regularly donates a substantial amount of financial support to our school system. He sponsors students in need, provides gift certificates for fund raisers for churches and non-profits and has several times provided un-returned loans to customers and employees in need.

I value Manuel and what El Vaquero is to Orange. It is certainly a fixture within our community. When you go there, it is like going to a friend’s house for dinner. Manuel always makes his way over to say hi, and his staff even recall what you want to drink, or that you want queso instead of salsa. In addition to that, El Vaquero gives back to the community which is valuable.” Tammy Collins, E. D. Orange County Chamber of Commerce

You can easily see the sincere affection this man has for his family and his customers. The family that cooks together, stays together. When things go wrong, as things will, he takes it very seriously and is immediate in correcting the problem.

“We now operate five family-owned restaurants, me and my son and two brothers-in-law.” “Manuel represents a pillar of our community – reflecting exactly what Orange is all about – community involvement, hard work, and consistent product delivery. This gentleman cares deeply about his restaurant, his town and his patrons.” Jeff Curtis, E.D. Orange Downtown Alliance

And you know, testifying about food at any restaurant is always only a matter a personal taste. Fajitas What meal appeals to one may be vastly different to another. But still… El Vaquero is awesome Mexican food. Even after my previous Texas residence where the best Hispanic food can be found our restaurant has some excellent meals.

El Vaquero West will be participating in Orange’s 2nd Annual Restaurant Week

For the week of February 26th through March 5th, El Vaquero West will be offering a buy one get the second entrée ½ Price! This means that you and a friend can eat at a reduced price. So try something new. Try something different and visit one of the best Mexican Restaurants around.

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